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What are the characteristic of Chinese Lantern Festival design?

The Chinese Lantern Festival is a traditional and modern folk culture and popular art. With the development of society, people’s aesthetic level is also constantly improving. While people put forward new requirements for the design of colored lights, the design of colored lights has undergone earth-shaking changes and achieved a qualitative leap. Do you know what features should be in the design of the Lantern Festival?


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First, process flexibility. The shapes of colored lights are varied and dazzling, thanks to the complex but flexible technology of colored lights. The main support of the lantern is the wire frame structure, and various lantern shapes are made through various lantern techniques, such as bending, hammering, bending, welding, etc. Although there are many crafts for lanterns, materials such as iron wire and meta-wire can also become what we want under the skillful hands of the lantern maker.

Second, dynamic interest. With the development of science and technology, colorful lights have become more scientific and modern. When we design colored lights, we can make full use of modern technological means such as light control, sound control, and logic integration devices in the motion processing of colored lights, so that colored lights can move and live, and it will show dynamic fun and interact with people at the same time. , so as to achieve interesting and colorful artistic effects, making people immersed in it and more profound.


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Third, the diversity of lighting. The soul of a colored lantern lies in its light. When there is no light, the colorful lights will be eclipsed. When designing lanterns, it is necessary to consider both the material and the color of the light.

The lantern show production company believes that in terms of materials, it is not always necessary to use a single lighting bulb, but to use more LED light strips, small colored lights, flashing lights, etc. , thus making the colored lights more modern. In terms of color, we can choose the appropriate color lights according to the different shapes of the lights to make the lights more beautiful; we can also make the lights show a gradient effect to make the lights more gorgeous.


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Post time: Apr-07-2023