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  • Lightopia in the UK

    Lightopia in the UK

    Heaton park – Manchester Chiswick garden - London Crystal palace - London Alton tower - UK Mr Lan,  the market director, managed and run this lantern show called Lightopia, successfully brought over 200,000 vistors in the amazing nigh. This show acquired ‘the best arts e...
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  • Lantern show in Singapore

    Lantern show in Singapore

    Mid-autumn, spring festival lantern show in chinatown, Singapore The chairman has led the show 9 times and acquired good compliment from citizens and the government.
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  • DinoKingdom in the UK

    DinoKingdom in the UK

    Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham Mr Lan, the market director, managed and run this dinosaur show called Dinokingdom, successfully brought over 100,000 vistors During this period in Manchester
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  • Christmas Lantern Festival

    Christmas Lantern Festival

    An award-winning and visually spectacular lantern and light festival at the Castle of Groot-Bijgaarden. Explore interactive exhibits, immersive light installations, and the magical illuminated trails. Promising to be Belgium’s finest festival of lights and lanterns this ...
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  • Straw festival Changsha, Hunan

    Straw festival Changsha, Hunan

    The chairman, Ms Lan, lead and run this gorgeous festival where acquired over 300,000 vistors and the Guinness record – ‘The biggest straw castle’
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  • Night travel in summer

    Night travel in summer

    Jing Jiang amusement park, Shang hai Fancy town lantern show The general manager managed the whole design, layout, and investment with Jingjiang amusement park. Totally around 200,000 vistors came here.
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  • Lotus lake, Tie Ling Spring festival lantern show

    Lotus lake, Tie Ling Spring festival lantern show

    Chairman, Ms Lan, as the main director in this lantern show held in a city of the northeast of china, It was the biggest and grand show in this area. It expressed the native culture and tradition successfully.
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  • First snow lantern carnival. Beijing bird’s nest

    First snow lantern carnival. Beijing bird’s nest

    Lantern shows had prohibited for ten years after an accident. In 2014, the first year the lantern show was allowed to hold again, the general manager made a coorperation with Xin Ao corporation, and make a strategy that combinate the skiiling with lantern shows, which ma...
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