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How to Calculate the Price of Custom Chinese Lantern Festival

1. Design fee
Most Zigong Lantern Festival companies collect the design fee first and then refund it, or deduct the production fee. Its purpose is to protect the interests of the company and prevent some fraudulent designs from happening. How is the design fee calculated? Usually it is a set of lamps for one rendering, and the calculation is based on 400 yuan per rendering. Generally, the design fee is a symbolic charge, and it is not so strict.

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2. Production fee
Production fee calculation formula = length X unit price. There are also differences in price according to different crafts of Zigong Lantern Festival Company, but it is worth mentioning that although there are many manufacturing techniques, wire frame lamps are the most common. The detailed price calculation is based on silk frame lamps. The length of the lamp group is within 2-20 meters. Basically, it can be calculated at 5,000 yuan per meter, and it will increase according to the complexity of the surface process.

3. Freight fee
Different Zigong Lantern Festival companies charge in different ways. For example, the shipping fee can be omitted for on-site production, but it will increase the travel expenses of personnel. If it is made abroad, both the product freight and the raw material freight are more expensive. Taking Southeast Asia as an example, the DDU cost of a 40-foot container is about 50,000. If it is in European countries, it will increase by about 2 times.

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4. Installation fee
The installation fee depends on the number of lights and the installation environment. As long as it is not installed on the water, the detailed cost calculation formula = daily salary + travel + subsidy, and the daily salary can be calculated as 400/day for workers. It should be noted that it is best for customers to prepare cranes and scaffolding, and temporarily find migrant workers to assist in the installation, otherwise they will rely on the lantern company and the price will be higher.

5. Maintenance fee
If the maintenance fee can be omitted, it is not necessary to deliberately omit it, but generally large-scale lantern festival companies will have technicians to maintain it. It is usually calculated on the basis of 6,000 per person, and it needs to be doubled during the Spring Festival.

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Post time: Mar-03-2023