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Preparations for the Lantern Festival and Lantern Show

Holding the Chinese Lantern Festival is an indispensable and popular activity during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. It can not only bring benefits to the organizers, but can even drive the tourism economy of the entire city and increase GDP. But in order to have a successful exhibition, the following preparations are required.

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Basic conditions
1. Exhibition venue
Depending on the size, different venues are required. Generally, venues with an area of 20,000 to 30,000 square meters and above can hold medium-sized lantern festivals and lantern exhibitions. It is best to choose a park or a scenic with superior natural conditions for the exhibition venue. Only in this way can we better combine the lanterns with the mountains and rivers, so as to achieve the blending of lights and scenes. Secondly, there must be a parking near to the exhibition site, and the transportation is convenient, and the population is relatively concentrated.
2. Manpower guarantee
The Lantern Festival and Lantern Exhibition is a comprehensive and large-scale mass cultural activity. We must attach great importance to safety. In addition to the design and production of lanterns, the use of materials, and the use of electricity, we must also regulate the overall layout of the exhibition, viewing routes, and fire exits. , The safety of facilities, electricity, public security, medical and health, and safety plans must be implemented in detail to be foolproof.

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The process of holding lantern festivals and lantern exhibitions
1. Market research
The sponsor should analyze the local market before holding the exhibition. Including: whether there is a suitable site, the power supply situation, the consumption level of the local and surrounding people, the needs of the people and so on.
2. Benefit forecast
Including ticket benefits, theme title benefits, lamp group title benefits, comprehensive operating benefits, various advertising release benefits in the exhibition venue, and other comprehensive utilization and development benefits tailored to local conditions.
3. Exhibition landing construction
Determine the purpose, theme, time, and location of the Lantern Festival, and entrust a professional Lantern Festival exhibition company to plan and design. According to the local cultural theme, use Chinese traditional culture, combine folk customs and regional culture, and cultural display, and carry out according to the scale of investment. Reasonable design. After the plan is finalized, it can be produced, which requires the coordination and cooperation of various departments.
4. Pre-exhibition work
Before soldiers and horses are used, the food and grass must go first, and the exhibition publicity plan must be the first to attract people, majestic, psychedelic, and fascinating. It must have a strong visual impact and bring the audience into a state of excitement.
3. Exhibition maintenance
After the exhibition begins, relevant departments must make public security and fire prevention plans to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents. During the Lantern Festival and lantern exhibition, there may be some unexpected events. Such as: quality and safety issues of large-scale lanterns, electricity consumption issues, congestion caused by audience crowds during exhibitions, fires, etc. The organizers and organizers are required to be prepared for these emergencies, make timely remedies, and ensure safety is in place.

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Post time: Dec-29-2022